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Updated Again 1/1/2017: As the new year begins, it’s important to remember good investment strategies and policies as you move forward planning for your future.  Sam Tabar wrote a great piece in 2015 for PR Newswire, about the most consistently successful and safe investment strategies.  These are what you want to follow if you want to be successful with your investments.

Recently Updated 10/26/2016:  Sam Tabar is now a contributor for the Huffington Post website.  He will provide up to date financial analysis, based on what’s happening with the American economy, through his new column.  Read all new posts via Sam’s contributor profile page.


December’s PR Newswire piece details a big shift in Full Cycle Energy. Samuel Tabar and his decades of law and business knowledge have joined aboard the company. As expressed in the article both parties are excited and see big things in the future.

Former Merrill Lynch Head of Capital Strategy Sam Tabar steps up to plate as Full Cycle Energy’s new COO as written in a recent PR Newswire article. As stated in the article, Tabar hopes to utilize his vast business and law experience to continue Full Cycle’s goal of world moving away from high cost fuels to a more Earth friendly alternative.

Sam Tabar is an attorney who practices law in New York. He graduated from Oxford in 2000, with a MA and BA in Law. Sam then went on to earn his LLM at Columbia Law. After completing his education, Sam turned his attention to business and operated as hedge manager for several Asian companies. One of Tabar’s major achievements was with PMA Investment Advisors LTD in Hong Kong. Sam utilizes his law experience in the business world to raise assets for the companies he worked for.

Taking his ability to interact with different cultures and speak different languages, Sam has turned his sights to helping women in Africa and Asia with by making a major investment in THINX.

PR Newswire notes the excitement Tabar has in joining the company and shares Full Cycle’s vision. The company looks to utilize Tabar’s years of business strategy to continue to revolutionize the sector in the long term.

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