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No matter how big a business is or what kind of business it is, there is almost always going to be a change in who runs everything. Take a look at The Manse on Marsh for a good example.


More specifically, look into the fact that the assisted living facility has brought on Farron Bernhardt to be the new CEO of the company and community. Bernhardt has now gotten involved with the Manse after spending more than three decades working in various senior leadership positions with different housing groups. Prior to coming to the Manse, Bernhardt was serving as the Vice President of Assisted Living for the Nevada Housing and Neighborhood Development group, earning himself a reputation for being a very helpful and collaborative person in any management position in this field. These qualities and his very experienced record have made him the perfect candidate for the CEO position at the Manse and it’s respective community.


The Manse has previously been the recipient of the Caring Star Award, one which is given to those assisted communities that have historically had five star rankings online, maintained them over the course of a year and don’t have any lingering negative reviews among them. It has also been listed as one of the “Best of 2016,” according to, meaning they are a highly sought out community across the entire nation.


The Manse on Marsh, being a highly touted community, is described by OurParents as having a wide variety of accommodations and amenities that are offered to residents and guests. These include things such as spacious flats, private resident homes, restaurant quality open dining, special laundry services and easy transportation from one location to another. In addition to this, the Manse ensures that residents only pay for the amenities and care that they specifically ask for.


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