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Doe Deere was born in Russia however she spent much of her own life living in New York City. She is the founder and CEO of the cosmetic line Lime Crime. She is set out on a mission to make a line of makeup that is more than just a concealer. She wants to allow for people to use their own expressions and make their own choices when it comes to makeup. Self expression allows people to be independent while maintaining their own dignity. This is her motto for her makeup line.


Doe Deere started out at an early age playing with her makeup. She started out by combining her love for art with her love of creating masterpieces for people with her vibrant makeup choices. While a number of girls came to her home to spend the night for a sleep over, Doe decided to play around with the makeup and when she mixed the colors up and played with the color choices that many people avoid, she noticed that more people liked the choices than they did of the bland color choices offered by many cosmetic lines.


She participated in a band in New York City which is where she met her husband and then dove into creating her own makeup line. At the time, some cosmetic companies offered a number of color choices however the number they offered were limited. She decided to spread her wings and fly, taking the makeup world by surprise. Her line is completely free of any animal cruelty and is limited on the ingredients which are bad for your health.  She offers nail polish, lip glosses, eye shadow and so much more. Many people will spend their hard earned money on her line of cosmetics because they know she stands behind her products and stands behind the women, or men who wear her makeup.

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