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The Quincy, a New Brunswick luxury apartment complex, banks the Raritan River. With its rooftop pool and newly renovated exterior and interior, it hardly seems the location for high crime. It lies within an area undergoing regentrification though, and previously home to a series of robberies and a non-fatal shooting, according to The Independent Bloghorn.


The apartment complex’s renovations aim to provide New Brunswick residents with an upscale address located near public transportation. City officials hope the updated complex can help turnaround the neighborhood that played home to a series of pizza delivery robberies during 2012. One of those robberies took place at The Quincy on November 20, 2012. Robbers held a pizza delivery driver at gunpoint while taking his wallet, money, and a pizza. Police made arrests in the case four months later, according to The New Brunswick Patch.


A non-fatal shooting occured at The Quincy, previously known as the New Brunswick Apartments, on October 5, 2015, reports New Brunswick Today. The injured individual received treatment for a non-fatal gunshot wound at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. An arrest was not immediately made.


Time will tell if the regentrification projects can turn around the once troubled area. If the area can transition, it will provide students and faculty at nearby Rutgers University with a now luxurious place to live and play. Police officials pointed out that violent crime remains rare in New Brunswick and they vigorously pursue the perpetrators. Perhaps residents will get to enjoy the complex’s fitness center, club house, pet park and garage parking afterall.