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Ascendant Capital is an innovative and groundbreaking Investment firm that has its roots in Austin, TX focusing on alternative investments and asset management. The mastermind behind this incredibly successful firm is none other than Jeffry Schneider. After years working for a variety of highly prestigious firms includes Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown and Axiom Capital Management he founded Ascendant Capital in 2009 and in the past 8 years has firmly established the firm as a leader in the industry.

It’s astounding success stems from Jeffry’s modern approach to investing that centers around education and diversification of funds through a variety of industries including real estate, tech companies, and auto dealerships. Along with the help of his hand-picked a team, Ascendant Capital has raised over a billion dollars and is now projected to raise 6 billion over the next 12 months.

Much more than just a man with a head for business, Jeffry also promotes a healthy a well-rounded lifestyle to his employees. In this, he leads in the example having competed in a number of Iron man competitions around the World over the years. He is also an advocate of a healthy diet and is outspoken in its effects upon the body and brain. In addition to his focus on holistic health, he has a passion for travel and is often drawn to remote destinations such as Thailand, Saint Crux and Budapest.

A true Renaissance man, Jeffry Schneider is not only a leader in the Investment industry but also sets the standard for personal lifestyle and customer relations.

Jeffry at Video Platfroms:

For years, Madison Street Capital has been working to help companies achieve their financial goals by seeking the right funders for them. Just recently, the Chief Executive Officer of the company announced that they had organized a deal to get funding for Ares Security Corporation. Ares Company was looking for an investor to help them enhance the efficiency of their products and services as well as to expand and reach more clients local and globally. The deal was sealed presided by Madison Street Capital Managing Director Mr. Reginald McGaugh. The funding company was Corbel Structured Equity Partners.



According to McGaugh, Madison Street Capital was honored to make a deal and have it succeeded. He also stated that he had the right time working with the President of Ares Security Corporation; Ben Ezzeta in finding the right partner for the deal. Ares Security Corporation is one of the leading companies in the provision of software security solutions. McGaugh said that the management team of Ares Security Corporation challenged his company by providing more than enough reason to why they needed funding. Corbel Structured Equity was also glad being appointed as the funder for the company.



About Ares Security Corporation



Ares Security Corporation is among the software security industry leaders, the company was established in the year 1999. Since its inception, Ares Security Corporation has managed to deal with some clients including government customers and corporate clients. The company works to ensure that all of you critical assets safe from malicious hackers. The company uses recent encryption technologies to ensure that your data is safe and secure. The funding that the firm received will help it reach more customers and improve the services they are currently offering.



Madison Street Capital



Madison Street Capital is one of the best Multinational Investment banking firms that provides advisory to business and helps them to achieve their financial goals by matching them with a potential investor. The company was established in the year 2005, and it has been performing well in the market and gotten many clients and carried out lots of successful deals. The performance and affiliation with several successful companies have positively impacted the Madison Street Capital reputation.






Other than Ares Security Corporation, Madison Street Capital has served other clients who have also given positive feedback. Judging from its performance, Madison Street Capital can be termed as one of the best investment banking in the world.

Recently, Madison Street Capital served as the sole financial advisor in organizing minority equity as well as subordinated debt investment for ARES Security Corporation. The global investment banking company’s client is based in Vienna. It is a premier-enterprise security management firm, which offers broad end-to-end security software services. Corbel Structured Equity was the provider of the minority recapitalization. The deal was announced by Madison Street capital CEO, Charles Botchway. Reginald McGaugh, a senior managing director at Madison Street Capital, oversaw the entire transaction.

McGaugh noted that it was a privilege to work directly with Ben Eazetta in providing the investment. Ben is ARES Security’s president. He also pointed out that ARES Security is a unique firm with high-end suite solutions, which protect the most critical assets of the world. ARES Security has a superior board and management team that challenged Madison Street Capital to identify the fitting financial partner.

Ben Eazetta said that they appreciate the professional team at Madison Street Capital and the work that they did for them in 2016. Additionally, they were impressed by the entire process, which included preliminary due diligence, valuation analysis, as well as the final capital raising process. Madison Street Capital’s team worked diligently to identify a suitable financing partner. Eazetta posited that they were excited about their new capital structure.

ARES resolved that collaborating with Corbel to structure the business was the right path toward establishing considerable equity value. The company’s operationally supportive partnership and flexible capital solution would facilitate ARES to continue with its sales momentum. It would also enable it to take advantage of new revenue opportunities courtesy of Corbel’s industry contacts. This information was originally mentioned on as explicated in this link

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a Chicago-based privately held company, which has been in operation for over 12 years. The international investment-banking company is devoted to the virtues of excellence and integrity, especially when delivering premier corporate advisory services. Madison Street Capital provides merger and acquisition services, valuation services, and financial opinions. The firm provides its services to both public entities and private corporations. These services have played a pivotal role in the success of all its clients. Additionally, each project is implemented according to the needs of specific client’s objectives. These projects range from transfer of ownership, raising of capital, to M&A transactions. The employees, who design innovative solutions, have enhanced Madison Street Capital reputation.

Madison Street Capital drives the growth of its clients’ businesses by focusing on the opportunities found in emerging markets. Because of its commitment to professional standards, the company has earned the trust of its clients. Madison Street Capital supports charitable causes. The corporation has worked with The United Ways in providing relief and emergency assistance to victims of disasters. Madison Street Capital is dedicated to making a difference in communities and meeting the various needs of its clients.


No matter how big a business is or what kind of business it is, there is almost always going to be a change in who runs everything. Take a look at The Manse on Marsh for a good example.


More specifically, look into the fact that the assisted living facility has brought on Farron Bernhardt to be the new CEO of the company and community. Bernhardt has now gotten involved with the Manse after spending more than three decades working in various senior leadership positions with different housing groups. Prior to coming to the Manse, Bernhardt was serving as the Vice President of Assisted Living for the Nevada Housing and Neighborhood Development group, earning himself a reputation for being a very helpful and collaborative person in any management position in this field. These qualities and his very experienced record have made him the perfect candidate for the CEO position at the Manse and it’s respective community.


The Manse has previously been the recipient of the Caring Star Award, one which is given to those assisted communities that have historically had five star rankings online, maintained them over the course of a year and don’t have any lingering negative reviews among them. It has also been listed as one of the “Best of 2016,” according to, meaning they are a highly sought out community across the entire nation.


The Manse on Marsh, being a highly touted community, is described by OurParents as having a wide variety of accommodations and amenities that are offered to residents and guests. These include things such as spacious flats, private resident homes, restaurant quality open dining, special laundry services and easy transportation from one location to another. In addition to this, the Manse ensures that residents only pay for the amenities and care that they specifically ask for.


Jim Hunt is raising eyebrows with his new investment objective to “make mum a millionaire”, and the catch is he is going to do it in only 10 trades. Hunt has designed quite a comprehensive system by which he’s helped inexperienced people learn how to read stock charts, and execute trades when the time is right. He believes that anyone can become a proficient stock trader by learning when and where to make their moves. It’s basically the same with his “make mum a millionaire” project, a project he claims is actually much simpler than it sounds. Jim Hunt says the way to do is to find the right stocks with which to trade, and then make the trades accordingly. He’s already posted the first YouTube video about the trade on his YouTube channel.

Hunt produces a lot of videos and tutorials about the stock market and how to become successful in it on YouTube, but he’s part of another company called VTA Publications that offers even more information about investments and finance. This company produces materials for the ambitious and independent-minded that help them get started becoming financially independent. The materials they cover included stock charts, learning about little-known futures options, and planning your retirement as taken from the bible.

VTA Publications has also produced recordings of seminars where some of the most brilliant business people have spoken, offering guidance on starting up and managing a business, and making investments. These seminars, along with all the other distance learning materials can be ordered online at, and they will ship to pretty much anywhere in the world.


After the 2008 economic downtown, most investors feared that their investments were at risk. They saw their counterparts, those who survived, loose substantial amounts. They opted to divest, others diversified their portfolios, and others entered into partnerships to strengthen their stranglehold.

This move precipitated the importance of investment banking. The services most sought after included valuations of company portfolios, corporate consultations, and advice on financial positions, consultations on mergers and acquisitions among others. This information proved pivotal, and the rise of investment banking as a core function was expected to continue.

The outcome is fast becoming swift as firms are stronger driving the hedging industry further into a major player in the financial and economic sector. According to Madison Street Capital management, investment banking registered a significant growth in the number of M&A transactions and deals made between the year 2014 and 2015. They observed that with an increase of almost 30% in the number of deals, the role and the position of the sector could only improve in 2016.

Madison Street Capital is one of the major investment banks in the world. Its core mandate is to offer excellent and reliable investment services to all its clients. The firm was established in 2006 and offers corporate advisory, valuation and reporting, financial opinions and industry focus. Since its inception, the company has provided M&A, opinions, valuations, and consultations among other services to many corporations. Their immediate focus is medium level capitalized companies.

This year’s industry focus specifically was centered towards the outlook of key indicators of the market and why they thought it ought to be bullish. One of the reasons postulated was the growing need to institutionalize decision making in most firms. Unlike when companies made decisions in board thought a clear path as to how they arrived at the decisions, firms are now interested in data, opinions, forecasts among other services the hedge funds combine to offer to other businesses.

Further, Madison Street Capital observed that there is room for more creativity as more precedences are set every year. Firms do not have to use the same old tricks to do deals and can now borrow from recently completed deals to take advantage of technological growth and much more improved financial engineering services especially in transactions.

It is worth noting that the investment services industry is reaping from improved service delivery and improved trust in the investment portfolios. Portfolio restructuring, portfolio coverage and valuations, strategies of capitalizing investments and opportunities, and growth strategies among others are some of the services that have improved recently.


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