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Most people think Wikipedia is some free online encyclopedia. And those who edit Wikipedia are thought to be Internet geeks with no life whatsoever. Since it is believed anyone can do it. Yet this could not be further from the truth. Many of this site’s editors are passionate and dedicated hobbyists. They desire to brush up on the facts in the articles presented. So the public can be better enlightened. While some argue the site is poorly edited. That depends more on the Wikipedia editors. Whether it be grammar or accuracy of the facts.

Wikipedia’s Most Searched

NPR recently revealed Wikipedia’s most edited articles of 2016. While most would expect selections on Brexit, the Orlando nightclub shooting and other controversial stories. Other entries on RuPaul’s Drag Race and the long forgotten mystery novel character Beverley Gray are catching everyone by surprise. Of course…profiles on soon to be President Donald Trump…legendary artist Vincent Van Gogh…and Deaths in 2016 also received a great deal of attention.

Can Wikipedia Be Used For Business?

It is advised you setup your Wikipedia account after news articles online or websites have already profiled your company or outlet. Yet there are also suggested you do not cite your personal essays or original research as official sources. It must be from outside sources. When doing your Wikipedia business page creation do not load it with too much detail unless you own and operate a large retail chain. Such as Apple or K-Mart.

Yet if you do not have any outside publicity. Possibly reach out to local or online media. And get your business noticed. Strongly advised before you attempt to get noticed through Wikipedia. This way it will look like you are somewhat established. As opposed to some rank amateur putting just about anything online. One these steps are taken…it would be a good idea to make a Wikipedia page for yourself or your business. As long as it looks professional and reasonably edited. A free yet wise investment that does not cost you a cent. Yet is a smart way of spending time on promoting your business.

The site Get Your Wiki enables you to hire Wikipedia experts. So they can take of this process for you. That is if you have never used Wikipedia before. Or do not have much time to do such things. It is possible Get Your Wiki may accelerate or speed up the process. Of getting your business page onto Wikipedia and out there for people to read. A wise investment that is cheap and affordable. The choice is yours…make sure is the right choice!