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People go to great lengths in order to look and feel beautiful, and with an extensive line of cosmetics developed and offered by Doe Deere’s company Lime Crime, this is entirely possible.


Deere’s vision for her cosmetics isn’t about timeless or classic beauty, but rather about allowing people to express their individuality through the use of vibrant, intensely colored products that are hot in the moment. This isn’t the typical makeup made to help people look “perfect”, but rather to allow them to stand out as individuals and showcase their emotions through their makeup. Not only are the colors gorgeous and alluring, but they come in a variety of shades and types, all of which are cruelty free and Vegan.


This company was started by Deere in 2004, when she launched an eBay store meant for fashion, all of which was modeled by her and paired with bright, colorful makeup choices. It took four years, but the makeup line began selling to the public in 2008, and hasn’t slowed down since. In almost a decade, Deere has increased her product lines to include products for the eyes, face, lips, nails and even hair, sure to appeal to those that are striving to break the mold and make a striking impression.


Lime Crime products are only sold online, which makes Deere and her employees take extra care in the way that they are presented to the public. Since people cannot try things on, they purchase them based on website appearance and the reviews of others that have used them in the past. Without having to worry about brick and mortar store locations, Deere can focus on product quality and marketing techniques that will spread the word about these cosmetics. This means that not only are the online images meant to showcase the actual products and their application, but the way that they look on various skin types, too. Since the early days, Deere has been adamant that she try out and approve each product as a way to ensure that they are “ready” for the public; this allows her to stand behind each piece, no questions asked.


Typical Lime Crime customers are similar to Doe Deere in many aspects, which makes it easy for her to create products that will resonate with everyone – from make up artists and beauty bloggers to the average individual that just wants to stand out with a bold lipstick or eye shadow choice. People and trends change, but by remaining connected and respecting the make up community, Deere has solidified her place with her business skills as well as her gorgeous, quality products.




There is nothing average about Doe Deere. Doe Deere is a female entrepreneur and an inspirational speaker. Deere is a woman who has taken the world over with her makeup and with her confidence. Deere was born in Russia, and she spend the majority of her young life there. When she was about 19 years old, she immigrated to New York with her family. Deere found that New York offered her a lot of different opportunities. Deere is a woman who has a passion for many things. She always wanted to play in a band, so she was able to join a band after being in New York for a while. That band offered her a lot of different opportunities. Deere was able to expand her horizons when it came to her interest, and she was also able to meet her husband in the band as well.


Deere loved fashion and color, and that was the reason that she went to college for fashion and design. Deere wanted to be able to start her own fashion line, and that is what she did. She called her clothing line Lime Crime as well, and she was able to set up a store on eBay that sold her style clothing. Deere also had a passion for makeup. She did a lot of experimenting, because she wanted to be able to have a makeup that was pigmented and bright. She was able to accomplish this with hard work and diligence. Deere only had a couple hundred dollars to her name when she started Lime Crime, but that was all that she needed to make her dreams come true.


Deere now owns a multi-million dollar company, and she is in charge of many employees. Deere is a person who does not believe in ruling with an iron fist. She believes in giving all of her employees dignity and respect. Since that is the case, she has been able to run a successful business with happy employees for many years. Deere is more than an entrepreneur; she is also an activist. She is a woman who encourages other women to pursue their passions, and she also deeply believes in animal rights.