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Any serious discussion of entrepreneurs sooner or later comes around to a few standout names. Texas businessman and venture capitalist Marc Sparks is one of those names.

Sparks, who often uses the term “serial entrepreneur” to describe himself, has been involved in a basket full of successful ventures, including Timber Wolf Capital and Splash Media. However, he will often discuss his failures instead of his successes, using them to highlight what he learned from them. His book, They Can’t Eat You, is an unflinching look at some of his failures, as well as his successes, and also offers advice and perspective for anyone looking to travel the road of entrepreneurship.

His overall business model stresses urgency. He is known among his employees, as well as business associates and competitors alike, for an open door, always available, forward leaning management style. When possible, he eschews the customary meeting formats, preferring instead to simply discuss the matter at hand when it’s presented, and resolve the issue quickly. This approach has come to be known as “Sparks Speed.” He also stresses things like passion and focus, which are clearly more than just buzzwords to him.

When describing his business model, Sparks starts with the word “Faith.” He is an unapologetic Christian, and incorporates those values into his business dealings in a positive and productive way. This includes treating others fairly, and the way you would want to be treated yourself.

Marc is also a noted philanthropist, with ongoing involvement in Habitat for Humanity, as well as The Samaritan Inn, a Dallas, TX homeless shelter that focuses on enabling residents to become self-sufficient through training and education. He also supports the American Can! Academy, and has donated more than 2000 computers to at risk youth through this organization of magnet high schools.

Updated Again 1/1/2017: As the new year begins, it’s important to remember good investment strategies and policies as you move forward planning for your future.  Sam Tabar wrote a great piece in 2015 for PR Newswire, about the most consistently successful and safe investment strategies.  These are what you want to follow if you want to be successful with your investments.

Recently Updated 10/26/2016:  Sam Tabar is now a contributor for the Huffington Post website.  He will provide up to date financial analysis, based on what’s happening with the American economy, through his new column.  Read all new posts via Sam’s contributor profile page.


December’s PR Newswire piece details a big shift in Full Cycle Energy. Samuel Tabar and his decades of law and business knowledge have joined aboard the company. As expressed in the article both parties are excited and see big things in the future.

Former Merrill Lynch Head of Capital Strategy Sam Tabar steps up to plate as Full Cycle Energy’s new COO as written in a recent PR Newswire article. As stated in the article, Tabar hopes to utilize his vast business and law experience to continue Full Cycle’s goal of world moving away from high cost fuels to a more Earth friendly alternative.

Sam Tabar is an attorney who practices law in New York. He graduated from Oxford in 2000, with a MA and BA in Law. Sam then went on to earn his LLM at Columbia Law. After completing his education, Sam turned his attention to business and operated as hedge manager for several Asian companies. One of Tabar’s major achievements was with PMA Investment Advisors LTD in Hong Kong. Sam utilizes his law experience in the business world to raise assets for the companies he worked for.

Taking his ability to interact with different cultures and speak different languages, Sam has turned his sights to helping women in Africa and Asia with by making a major investment in THINX.

PR Newswire notes the excitement Tabar has in joining the company and shares Full Cycle’s vision. The company looks to utilize Tabar’s years of business strategy to continue to revolutionize the sector in the long term.

Michael Zomber appeared on the iUniverse podcast 2nd edition and talked about his published book, Shogun lemitsu. During the dialog, Michael Zomber talks about his inspiration that moved him to author the book, his love for the Japanese culture, and the larger Japanese history. Definitely worth your attention if interested in the other side of this world-famous author.

Michale Zomber says that he is very passionate about the world as a whole. For the last forty years, Zomber has been collecting armor, and antique arms and he is more than willing to share as much as his knowledge extends as possible. The history channel is one of his outlets to share his knowledge. With a series documented on guns, Michael Zomber will have you assured that guns are not the only passion he adores.

His love for the Samurai Japanese swords has driven him to share more to the world through his writing screenplays and as a very talented storyteller has riveted many. Zomber’s historical novels shed more light on the sole reason as to why these weapons are individual and their influence on future historians and leaders. His expertise has rendered him known worldwide for his expertise in history, and his Bushido documentary, Soul of the Samurai, has unveiled him as a respected, honorable historian.

Zomber and his wife founded a film company, Renascent Films, LLC. Due to this topic’s nature, Zomber thought it was a wise decision to be part and parcel of the organizations that foster peace. Residing in Philadelphia, Mr. Zomber, and his lovely family rightly fit into what many experts are living around him.

There is always a way, and there is always a warrior way. For Mr. Zomber, a Samurai culture expert, the way of the warrior, famous by the name Bushido, is the ultimate guidance on how a person should conduct him or herself. For Zomber, that specifically means applying the principle in numerous areas.

The world of business is enormous. It can be hard for anyone to find an opening and gain traction. Many people want to start their own businesses but they are not sure where to begin. Even with a good idea, it is not always easy to make that transition from idea to something bigger that can be a real, ongoing concern. Finding financing for the idea and then helping to find employees and get everything in place is a complicated and often confusing process. This is where working with a professional in the field such as Swiss national Mike Baur can be of enormous help.

His Leadership

Baur is someone who knows a great deal about all aspects of finance. He is also someone who fully understands the banking industry as well as how companies are run. With his help over the years, many entrepreneurs have seen their dreams come true and their ideas transformed from something on paper into a full-fledged, functional company. This is a process that Baur relishes. He knows that he can be of help to officials at companies not only in Switzerland but in other parts of the globe as well. The prospect of being able to help people is one that motivates him in every way.

The Start Up Factory

It is with this specific aim in mind that Mike Baur has chosen to offer a program he calls The Start Up Factory. He and a fellow Swiss banker have recognized that it is not enough to offer basic help. They must also offer more advanced help. With that goal in mind at all times, they have started an organization they call The Start Up Factory.

Mentoring With His Help

While Baur offers help to people of highly varied backgrounds, his particular plan via the Start Up Factory is to offer help for younger people who are interested in business. He knows that people who are going to be part of the business world often benefit from being able to get help for their ideas at a very early age in life. This is where Mike knows that he and his fellows at the Start Up Factory can be of use to really help people.