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Ascendant Capital is an innovative and groundbreaking Investment firm that has its roots in Austin, TX focusing on alternative investments and asset management. The mastermind behind this incredibly successful firm is none other than Jeffry Schneider. After years working for a variety of highly prestigious firms includes Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown and Axiom Capital Management he founded Ascendant Capital in 2009 and in the past 8 years has firmly established the firm as a leader in the industry.

It’s astounding success stems from Jeffry’s modern approach to investing that centers around education and diversification of funds through a variety of industries including real estate, tech companies, and auto dealerships. Along with the help of his hand-picked a team, Ascendant Capital has raised over a billion dollars and is now projected to raise 6 billion over the next 12 months.

Much more than just a man with a head for business, Jeffry also promotes a healthy a well-rounded lifestyle to his employees. In this, he leads in the example having competed in a number of Iron man competitions around the World over the years. He is also an advocate of a healthy diet and is outspoken in its effects upon the body and brain. In addition to his focus on holistic health, he has a passion for travel and is often drawn to remote destinations such as Thailand, Saint Crux and Budapest.

A true Renaissance man, Jeffry Schneider is not only a leader in the Investment industry but also sets the standard for personal lifestyle and customer relations.

Jeffry at Video Platfroms:

All too often when lower income individuals try to find investment options that work for them, they’re limited in those options due to limited funds available to invest, or for lack of accreditation. Often they hear what the experts on television tell them to invest in, and sometimes that advice doesn’t work out the way they planned.

Brad understands this, and noted that the storyline featured in the movie, Money Monster can be all too true in that regard. Reifler is working hard to find better investments for these people and bring them into the alternative investment fold when others are leaving them behind.

According to PR News Wire, Brad Reifler didn’t always cater to these non-accredited investors, he used to be a hedge fund and portfolio manager whose clients mostly consisted of fortune 500 and top 1% clients.

He started back in 1982 with Reifler Trading company, a company he founded after graduating from Bowdoin College and that started off as a discretionary accounts manager, but evolved to one of the world’s largest futures company.

Bloomberg said that Brad Reifler founded his second company, Pali Capital in 1995 which became a differentiated strategy company for hedge fund managers and used unique approaches to executing trades and sell-offs tailored to client needs. Brad Reifler sold that company in 2009 and founded Forefront Capital, a company that evolved from serving the wealthy clients to including lower income investors.

Brad Reifler had two experiences that led him to turn Forefront Capital into an all-inclusive investment firm in recent years. His first happened when he was relatively new to investing and wanted to setup a college savings fund for his two young girls, but discovered the investment hadn’t reached the level that was promised when he started investing.

And later, he tried to help his father invest in an IRA plan that was reliable and could earn a lot of interest by the time it matured. But with his father’s lack of accreditation, regulations kept him from investing in a good fund.

So he setup a fund for non-accredited investors that can be invested in for as little as $1,0000. He’s currently working with the SEC to open up even more options for non-accredited investors.

Entrepreneur Norman Pattiz announced the launch of Scott Levy’s Raven Effect to PodcastOne. Scott Levy is a former WWE wrestler. His Raven Effect show will be featured on the Jericho Network and will address issues such as pop culture, pet peeves, current events, politics, and conspiracies. These topics will be discussed by people from all walks of life who will be expected to bring forth interesting opinions and thoughts.


The PodcastOne network will produce episodes of these discussions and upload them to iTunes and the PodcastOne website. According to Pattiz, head of PodcastOne, this new platform is an achievement for the Jericho Network. Jericho who is also a former wrestler is brilliant when it comes to merging sports and music with the WWE content. He also runs a paranormal show, “Beyond Darkness” on PodcastOne. Jericho began working with PodcastOne in 2016 and has since produced several episodes. He is excited to have The Raven Effect in his network.


Norman Pattiz career and achievements


Norman J. Pattiz is a broadcasting veteran and the executive chair of PodcastOne. He is married to Mary Turner, a former radio presenter. Pattiz has been in this business for the last four decades and is a proud member of the National Radio Hall of Fame. He is popularly known for Westwood One, a radio syndication firm that became one of the largest media companies in the world. Westwood One worked in collaboration with the Mutual Broadcasting System, CBS News, NBC radio networks, and CNN. Since 2001, Pattiz has sat on various boards such as the Board of Regents of the University of California. He is the chairperson of Board of Regents Oversight Committee of the Department of Energy Labs and the Board of USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism.


Pattiz is the founder of Courtside Entertainment Group, a programming company that he launched in 2010. Two years later, he established Launchpad and renamed it to PodcastOne in 2013. This company has since grown into one of the largest advertiser-supported networks in the world. PodcastOne hosts some of the famous celebrities such as Chris Jericho, Steve Austin, Adam Carolla, Dan Patrick, and Chris Webber. Back in 2000, Pattiz was appointed by President Clinton to head the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). He was re-appointed two years later by President Bush to chair the BBG. Pattiz assisted the government in creating Arabic-language media services, which include Alhurra TV and Radio Sawa. In 2010, the Library of American Broadcasting issued the Giants of Broadcasting Award to Norman Pattiz.

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Mr. Jason Hope is an investor, futurist, entrepreneur, and a philanthropist who believes in giving back to the society. Jason Hope lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

By being an Arizona native, Hope went to Arizona State University, where he earned a Bachelor Degree in Finance. Mr. Jason also received his MBA from the same institution.

As a futurist, Hope understands that his work in technology target several avenues such as research and development. He appreciates that it is only the power of technology that can improve human lives. Technology brings about the development of new computer software, mobile apps, devices that embrace connectivity, and gaming software. Perhaps, Jason is always using technology to his advantage. He prefers studying the infrastructure of technology for potential future trends. As an entrepreneur, Jason usually works with businesses and individuals to give them the directions, which can help with technological advancement.

As the internet entrepreneur, Jason comprehends that starting a business and bringing a new idea is not an easy task. It will always start with great ideas, which is just the beginning of everything. However, finding the means of getting the ideas off the ground can be the tricky part. Moreover, Jason likes to work with young business owners. He believes that young entrepreneurs have great ideas that can be brought into life. He prefers supporting these new generations of entrepreneurs by making them dive into the world that is full of technology. Most of these entrepreneurs have prodigious ideas, but lack finances and insight to bring their ideas into light.

As a philanthropist, Jason playing an important role in improving the welfare of the society. His goal is to see different societies thrive. He has been providing support to humanitarian organizations, which are involved in improving the future of human beings.

There is nothing average about Doe Deere. Doe Deere is a female entrepreneur and an inspirational speaker. Deere is a woman who has taken the world over with her makeup and with her confidence. Deere was born in Russia, and she spend the majority of her young life there. When she was about 19 years old, she immigrated to New York with her family. Deere found that New York offered her a lot of different opportunities. Deere is a woman who has a passion for many things. She always wanted to play in a band, so she was able to join a band after being in New York for a while. That band offered her a lot of different opportunities. Deere was able to expand her horizons when it came to her interest, and she was also able to meet her husband in the band as well.


Deere loved fashion and color, and that was the reason that she went to college for fashion and design. Deere wanted to be able to start her own fashion line, and that is what she did. She called her clothing line Lime Crime as well, and she was able to set up a store on eBay that sold her style clothing. Deere also had a passion for makeup. She did a lot of experimenting, because she wanted to be able to have a makeup that was pigmented and bright. She was able to accomplish this with hard work and diligence. Deere only had a couple hundred dollars to her name when she started Lime Crime, but that was all that she needed to make her dreams come true.


Deere now owns a multi-million dollar company, and she is in charge of many employees. Deere is a person who does not believe in ruling with an iron fist. She believes in giving all of her employees dignity and respect. Since that is the case, she has been able to run a successful business with happy employees for many years. Deere is more than an entrepreneur; she is also an activist. She is a woman who encourages other women to pursue their passions, and she also deeply believes in animal rights.




The battle revolving around the sale of NBA franchise Atlanta Hawks recently took another turn. The former owners sued their insurance company for not settling claims made relating to their dispute with Danny Ferry, Hawks previous general manager.

Bruce Levenson is one of the majority owners of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, AHBE reports, which settled with Ferry and after that agreed to sell Hawks to the new group led by principal owner Tony Ressler. AHBE owns the basketball team Atlanta Hawks and their home practice stadium, the Philips Arena. The new ownership is not involved in this dispute at all; it is between AHBE and the insurer with Ferry’s settlement at the heart of the matter. AHBE claims the insurer did not pay losses relating to the settlement between them and Ferry as covered. In addition, the suit is seeking penalties and attorney’s costs. AHBE believes the New Hampshire Insurance Company, represented as AIG has no right to decline to honor the policy.

Bruce Levenson sold the NBA franchise including operating rights to the Philips Arena to the Ressler-led group for a reported $850 million in 2015. They had bought the same for $250 million in 2004 including the NHL team, Atlanta Thrashers, which was sold in 2011. The Philips Arena is the Hawks practice facility.

According to Wikipedia, Bruce Levenson has also served on the NBA Board since 2004. He is the co-founder of United Communications Group, a business information provider founded in 1977 in Maryland. In 1997, Bruce was recognized by the Software and Information Industry Association for his executive leadership success at UCG. Additionally, Bruce Levenson also served on the board of the publicly traded IT company, TechTarget, a technology information provider. Bruce has also been associated with the Newsletters and Publishers Association and BIA Digital Partners.

Bruce is an active philanthropist and supports Hoop Dreams Foundation, US Holocaust Museum and SEED Foundation among many others. For more info, visit


Many people have found that one form of communicative technology that has been deemed as being a great tool for people in all professions and circumstances is Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is a program that has given people an opportunity in which they’re able to communicate with someone even if they are incarcerated via methods of video chat sessions. It is a program that has been engineered and designed through an integration of state-of-the-art technology and and elements of networking to allow people to connect with their loved ones through the means of chatting in a video session format.


Securus Technologies is not only enabling people to take advantage of an opportunity in which they can communicate with someone who they may want to talk to through a video chat format, but it’s also giving law enforcement agencies a chance to crack down on any instances of crime that may be going on within the premises of their correctional facilities that they may not have otherwise known about. If certain specifics of crimes are discussed within the conversations, then it’s highly likely that they can be utilized as evidence to begin investigative efforts to put a stop to the crime(s) that may be occurring. Securus Technologies customer service technicians are available to assist and you should know that the program has been manufactured to ensure that it’ll be easy for people to use. Instructions are also provided on the website along with rates for participating in the video chat sessions. Be sure to contact a help desk technician if you would like assistance an they will gladly provide you with an adequate amount of guidance. It’s a type of technology that has taken the realm of communications by storm and should be continued to use to ensure that it is benefiting society in every way that it can.


Sam Tabar is an Oxford-educated lawyer with a degree in law. Tabar also studied at Columbia law school in the United States where he graduated with a master’s degree in law. Prior to his appointment to work at FullCycle Energy Fund, Tabar had worked for various law firms.

Tabar’s education and work experience

Tabar has skills in Management, Litigation, Strategy, Merger& Acquisition, Due Diligence and Private Equity. In 2001, he joined Skadden and worked as an associate. His role was to advise clients about hedge funds, their structure, and formation. He was also tasked with the responsibility of overseeing private placement memoranda, investment management agreements, employment matters, and compliance issues.

Sam Tabar also worked at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP as a senior associate. In 2004, he joined PMA Investment Advisors Ltd., a hedge fund firm based in Hong Kong. At PMA investment, he was in charge of the capital raising team. In 2013, he worked as an executive officer of Asia Pacific Capital Introduction at Merrill Lynch. At this company, Tabar was involved with dealings associated with hedge funds. Since then, he has managed many hedge funds for various corporate clients.

Tabar’s duties at FullCycle Energy Fund

This year he was called upon to serve as the chief operating officer of FullCycle Energy Fund, an organization that was established in 2013. His remarkable financial background led to his appointment as COO of FullCycle Energy Fund .This group specializes in funding projects aimed at conservation of the environment through producing eco-friendly fuels. At FullCycle Energy Fund, Tabar is expected to help in achieving the company’s objective of producing fuels that are not only environmentally friendly but also cost effective.

Aside from being a legal advisor, he has invested in a course that has empowered women globally. He played a formative role in the establishment of SheThinx, an organization that empowers women through the supply of unique feminine products. SheThinx opened its doors back in 2014, and since then the startup has expanded its addressable markets. Tabar has facilitated the growth of SheThinx by leveraging his unparalleled expertise as a capital strategist.

For years, Madison Street Capital has been working to help companies achieve their financial goals by seeking the right funders for them. Just recently, the Chief Executive Officer of the company announced that they had organized a deal to get funding for Ares Security Corporation. Ares Company was looking for an investor to help them enhance the efficiency of their products and services as well as to expand and reach more clients local and globally. The deal was sealed presided by Madison Street Capital Managing Director Mr. Reginald McGaugh. The funding company was Corbel Structured Equity Partners.



According to McGaugh, Madison Street Capital was honored to make a deal and have it succeeded. He also stated that he had the right time working with the President of Ares Security Corporation; Ben Ezzeta in finding the right partner for the deal. Ares Security Corporation is one of the leading companies in the provision of software security solutions. McGaugh said that the management team of Ares Security Corporation challenged his company by providing more than enough reason to why they needed funding. Corbel Structured Equity was also glad being appointed as the funder for the company.



About Ares Security Corporation



Ares Security Corporation is among the software security industry leaders, the company was established in the year 1999. Since its inception, Ares Security Corporation has managed to deal with some clients including government customers and corporate clients. The company works to ensure that all of you critical assets safe from malicious hackers. The company uses recent encryption technologies to ensure that your data is safe and secure. The funding that the firm received will help it reach more customers and improve the services they are currently offering.



Madison Street Capital



Madison Street Capital is one of the best Multinational Investment banking firms that provides advisory to business and helps them to achieve their financial goals by matching them with a potential investor. The company was established in the year 2005, and it has been performing well in the market and gotten many clients and carried out lots of successful deals. The performance and affiliation with several successful companies have positively impacted the Madison Street Capital reputation.






Other than Ares Security Corporation, Madison Street Capital has served other clients who have also given positive feedback. Judging from its performance, Madison Street Capital can be termed as one of the best investment banking in the world.

FreedomPop is the least-expensive cell phone company in the world today, and they are offering products to customers at reduced rates that ensure everyone gets what they need without overpaying. They have one of the largest networks in the world, and this FreedomPop review ensures customers understand the level of service they are getting fromt he firm. Someone who needs a cheaper cell phone must purchase from the proper place, and they will find FreedomPop far more helpful in the long-term.


#1: How Are The Phones Priced?


FreedomPop prices its phones lower than anyone else in the industry, and they have free cell phone plans that are perfect for those who do not have money to spend. They have placed caps on usage for the devices, and the customer may pay a bit more to use the phone more. They may connect to wifi when they do not have any more data to use, and they may use wifi to cut back on their usage. They have caps for minutes and texts, and the company will allow customers to jump to the paid plans if they need.


#2: Staying In Touch


It is quite important that everyone in the country has a phone that helps them stay in touch with family and friends, and they will find the phones helpful no matter where they go in the country. There are many people who have never had a cell phone before, and they will find what they need when they are using phones from the FreedomPop family. They may get smartphones that are much cheaper than the standard, and it will be quite simple for the customer to choose a phone they are comfortable.


#3: Setting Up Service At Home


The wifi service from FreedomPop is quite helpful as it will help families have an Internet connection. They may use the Internet using a single box that is set up in the house, or they may have the modem set up in their office for work. Everyone has their own need, and they may request a specialized product from the company that will help them connect faster.


The FreedomPop brand stands for the highest in quality, and they have a cheaper service than anyone else. The company has shown they have many ways to ensure their customers are online, and they offer cheap phones that help everyone afford a new plan.