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There are only a few known businesses in the world that are fast growing, most others are stagnant. Well, Magnises Company is one of the steadily growing one. It was founded in 2014 by a 25 years old Billy McFarland in the heart of East Coast to help young professionals to get together and in the process, network On All one needs is a personalized black card that will allow you to access special event and deals in most of the special cities in the US, like in the New York City or Washington DC.

The card at enables you to get crazy discounts in the city’s notable bars, clubs and restaurants, private concerts and luxurious getaways and all it takes is to flash your Magnises card. This card is normally linked to your bank account and or credit card for payment purposes but the sole reason for it is to allow you get pass, to the parks that it is intended for.

Talking to The Business Insider last July, Magnises founder Billy McFarland revealed their intention to create a complete platform that will connect millennials with the online and offline upcoming businesses. He added that the only one thing that will be tied to the millennials is that debit card on The club has several benefits on top, something that is already attracting over 20000 people. The selects are around 10000 and 20,000 Founders card there.

The club relies mostly and coordinates with local business when organizing and hosting events. They are very cheap as for example, the Magnises annual fee is only $250, while that of the Selectees is $300 yearly. However, they may make free membership to those people they think would be of benefit to their community. The most expensive card is the Founders card at $795 annually and a one-time fee of $95.

Some of the benefits that the young guests enjoy include accessing co-working facilities at Alley, for only $99 a month. Here, this company also maintains its corporate offices. The Founder of Magnises refers this benefit to as ‘’Work Pass’’ . Typically a non member would be charged a staggering $500 monthly to access the facility.

In 2016 the company introduced a new lifestyle feature called “The Hotel Pass” and “The Club Pass”. These features allow member to spend at classiest hotels and bars at a cheaper price per night. For instance, if you have the hotel pass, you would spend in the cities most expensive hotel for just $76 a night, whereas non Magnises member would have to cough up to $250 a night in the same hotel.

Magnises likes communicating to their member about any upcoming events, tips or just any other news. To help pass their message through faster, they use the social media platform where they are very active. You will find these on their official Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram pages.

Doe Deere was born in Russia however she spent much of her own life living in New York City. She is the founder and CEO of the cosmetic line Lime Crime. She is set out on a mission to make a line of makeup that is more than just a concealer. She wants to allow for people to use their own expressions and make their own choices when it comes to makeup. Self expression allows people to be independent while maintaining their own dignity. This is her motto for her makeup line.


Doe Deere started out at an early age playing with her makeup. She started out by combining her love for art with her love of creating masterpieces for people with her vibrant makeup choices. While a number of girls came to her home to spend the night for a sleep over, Doe decided to play around with the makeup and when she mixed the colors up and played with the color choices that many people avoid, she noticed that more people liked the choices than they did of the bland color choices offered by many cosmetic lines.


She participated in a band in New York City which is where she met her husband and then dove into creating her own makeup line. At the time, some cosmetic companies offered a number of color choices however the number they offered were limited. She decided to spread her wings and fly, taking the makeup world by surprise. Her line is completely free of any animal cruelty and is limited on the ingredients which are bad for your health.  She offers nail polish, lip glosses, eye shadow and so much more. Many people will spend their hard earned money on her line of cosmetics because they know she stands behind her products and stands behind the women, or men who wear her makeup.

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