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Ever since Dick and Betsy DeVos embarked upon their quest to bring education reform to as many young people in the U.S. as possible in the 1970s the couple have remained active in almost every aspect of this movement to create a better educational experience. Although I was aware of the work Betsy and Dick DeVos have undertaken as leaders in the education reform movement I was shocked to read in an interview with Philanthropy Roundtable how the couple are willing to get their hands dirty at grass roots level to bring success to the education reform movement. Betsy DeVos explained the success of the education reform program in the state of Louisiana had originally been opposed by many members of the state board of education and forced Dick DeVos to fund ad campaigns and parent awareness nights during the one week window permitted to sign up for school choice and voucher systems.


I have personally been aware of Dick DeVos since he took control of the international business side of his family’s AmWay Group and led the department from providing just five percent of the revenue of the company to more than 50 percent is just a few short years. The business success I have watched Dick DeVos enjoy has been accompanied by a large amount of philanthropic work that often goes unnoticed as we focus on the political work of Dick DeVos. Looking at the Wikipedia page of Dick DeVos shows me the Northwood University graduate supports a number of charitable activities, including a large level of arts funding that often trickles down to the people of his home state of Michigan that has benefited greatly from the support of Dick DeVos.


InnovaCare, Inc. is the only company that offers residents of Puerto Rico access to NCQA-accredited plans, as well as two different Medicaid plans that work within the already established model of the Government Health Plan of Puerto Rico. InnovaCare programs serve more than 200k people that can access a network of providers that is over 7,500 strong. But who runs InnovaCare, Inc. and how did it become such a huge part of the managed care industry in Puerto Rico? Let’s look at the leadership of this organization.

Richard Shinto, MD, MBA – President and CEO
With more than 20 years of experience in both clinical and operational managed care, Rick Shinto brings a lot of both front line and “back office” experience to InnovaCare. He received his Bachelors from the University of California at Irvine. His medical degree was earned from the State University at Stony Brook. And his MBA was earned from the University of Redlands.

Douglas Malton – Chief Financial Officer
Douglas Malton is a graduate of both the University of Connecticut and the University of New Hampshire. He has spent over seven years concentrating on capital markets on, as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Christopher Joyce – General Counsel
With over 20 years of experience working with compliance within the healthcare administration sector, Mr. Joyce brings a lot of legal background to InnovaCare Health. Previously, he was Executive Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions, along with serving as General Counsel, for Alliance HealthCare Services. His higher education started at the State University of New York at Albany where he earned his Bachelors in Economics and he earned his JD from the University of Chicago.

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Penelope Kokkinides – Chief Administrative Officer
This is the second time that Ms. Penelope Kokkinides has worked for InnovaCare, Inc., this time joining in June of 2015. Last time, she served as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. She has experience at Aveta, Inc., previously, serving as their Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Clinical Operations. She specializes in working with government healthcare programs, such as Medicaid and Medicare, as she has over 20 years of experience with this. Her Bachelors was earned from Binghamton University, her Masters from New York University, and her post-graduate program and Masters from Columbia University.

Michael Sortino, CPA – Chief Accounting Officer
Michael Sortino has over 5 years of experience in public accounting as well as over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry. Previously, he worked as controller for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. He holds a Bachelors from the University of Vermont and is also a Certified Public Accountant.

Jonathan Meyers, FSA, MAAA – Chief Actuary Officer
With more than two decades of experience working in every part of managed care from contracting and clinical risk analytics to pricing and reserving Mr. Meyers knows what he’s doing. He is a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries, a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, and an Honors Scholar Graduate of the University of Connecticut.

S Bhasker – Chief Information Officer
Bhasker’s experience includes working for some very well-known enterprises, including Aetna International, Coopers & Lybrand, United Nations Development Programme, and American Enterprise Group.