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Michael Zomber appeared on the iUniverse podcast 2nd edition and talked about his published book, Shogun lemitsu. During the dialog, Michael Zomber talks about his inspiration that moved him to author the book, his love for the Japanese culture, and the larger Japanese history. Definitely worth your attention if interested in the other side of this world-famous author.

Michale Zomber says that he is very passionate about the world as a whole. For the last forty years, Zomber has been collecting armor, and antique arms and he is more than willing to share as much as his knowledge extends as possible. The history channel is one of his outlets to share his knowledge. With a series documented on guns, Michael Zomber will have you assured that guns are not the only passion he adores.

His love for the Samurai Japanese swords has driven him to share more to the world through his writing screenplays and as a very talented storyteller has riveted many. Zomber’s historical novels shed more light on the sole reason as to why these weapons are individual and their influence on future historians and leaders. His expertise has rendered him known worldwide for his expertise in history, and his Bushido documentary, Soul of the Samurai, has unveiled him as a respected, honorable historian.

Zomber and his wife founded a film company, Renascent Films, LLC. Due to this topic’s nature, Zomber thought it was a wise decision to be part and parcel of the organizations that foster peace. Residing in Philadelphia, Mr. Zomber, and his lovely family rightly fit into what many experts are living around him.

There is always a way, and there is always a warrior way. For Mr. Zomber, a Samurai culture expert, the way of the warrior, famous by the name Bushido, is the ultimate guidance on how a person should conduct him or herself. For Zomber, that specifically means applying the principle in numerous areas.

A recent article posted by the IOT Daily revealed the possibility of the Internet of Things affecting the manner by which brands reach out to their customers. Hadyn Sweterlitsch, HackerAgency’s Global Chief Creative Officer, cited that both screens, as well as visual graphic interaction, have significantly defined brand interactions. As such, many marketers and advertisers have taken advantage of this fact to promote their brands.

Currently, things have changed with the shift from over relying on visual design to other techniques such as voice interaction. In this case, the Amazon’s Echo device allows consumers to access services and control their devices through speaking. Other devices from the Internet of Things include wearables, and Smart LED lights are bringing a new platform for interaction between marketers and their consumers. Gooee serves as one of the entities utilizing a scalable IoT avenue to serve lighting manufacturers.


Through the vast experience and expertise of its global software and engineering team, Gooee has utilized two years to establish its enterprise avenue. Further, it boasts of a strong focus on designing, engineering and distributing software, hardware as well as data management components throughout the LED lighting value chain.

Gooee prides itself as a provider of communication, control and sensing components, which integrate with an enterprise standard cloud platform. The cloud platform provides a scalable and self-driven structure for lighting OEMs in a bid to provide substantial value to customers.

Jim Hunt is raising eyebrows with his new investment objective to “make mum a millionaire”, and the catch is he is going to do it in only 10 trades. Hunt has designed quite a comprehensive system by which he’s helped inexperienced people learn how to read stock charts, and execute trades when the time is right. He believes that anyone can become a proficient stock trader by learning when and where to make their moves. It’s basically the same with his “make mum a millionaire” project, a project he claims is actually much simpler than it sounds. Jim Hunt says the way to do is to find the right stocks with which to trade, and then make the trades accordingly. He’s already posted the first YouTube video about the trade on his YouTube channel.

Hunt produces a lot of videos and tutorials about the stock market and how to become successful in it on YouTube, but he’s part of another company called VTA Publications that offers even more information about investments and finance. This company produces materials for the ambitious and independent-minded that help them get started becoming financially independent. The materials they cover included stock charts, learning about little-known futures options, and planning your retirement as taken from the bible.

VTA Publications has also produced recordings of seminars where some of the most brilliant business people have spoken, offering guidance on starting up and managing a business, and making investments. These seminars, along with all the other distance learning materials can be ordered online at, and they will ship to pretty much anywhere in the world.